"It's Impossible To Get Sick Of The View!"

Globe Real Estate, September 2008

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Video tours and photos.
[A little history, a rant or two and all credit to Alex.]

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Realtors Look For High-Tech Edge

by Georgie Binks

When Toronto real estate agent Monique Clement sets out to sell a house, she doesn't pile prospective buyers straight into a car and head out to tour properties – she asks them to click on a link and then instructs them to sit back and enjoy.     More...

Success On Your Side

August 2006

"Each listing includes a professionally developed and very impressive virtual tour in the form of a mini-movie. Set to music, each tour starts out with shots of the neighbourhood, a pan of the street, then shows the outside of the house, and moves from room to room inside highlighiting its features. The virtual tours are a big factor in attracting potential buyers and are also provided to the seller as a keepsake after the sale"

Sale of the Week: $2.1 Million Riverdale home that shows there's still money to be made in flipping


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From Ugly Duckling To Posh Swan

National Post Staff | April 29, 2011 2:43 PM ET

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Staging Standard Magazine

Cover Art | Volume 6 Issue 4, 2011