1100 Lansdowne Avenue

The Foundry is a hard loft conversion of a 19th century train factory located on the South West corner of Davenport & Lansdowne. The building was originally the manufacturing portion of an industrial complex built by The Canada Foundry Corporation that stretched from Davenport down to Dupont, and from Lansdowne to the tracks to the West. Other buildings remaining from the complex include the office building just to the the West of The Foundry, and the power plant building to the South West. The buildings at the North West corner of Dupont & Lansdowne also remain, & have recently been designated for conversion into lofts, along with a grocery store at street level.

Completed in the summer of 2008, The Foundry holds 104 units of various sizes. The majority of the units are 2 storey, 2 bedroom, 2 washroom lofts at just under 1200 square feet. The remaining units are mostly one storey units in the 729 square foot range, with some 3 storey,1800s.f. units at either end, three 3 storey units in the middle of the West side, and a scattering of odd sized units on the ends and near the entrance.