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First off, yes, I’m a real estate agent. Wait. Before you cuss me out, and say this site is just some attempt to get me more business, let me tell you a little bit more about myself and my connection to The Foundry.

The first time I saw the Foundry I was driving around the area looking for a house to buy. This was way back in 2005, long before the building was converted. I was in awe of the massive size of it, and of the glorious architecture used to create it and the surrounding buildings. I wondered what its history was, what was it to become, & hoping above all else that it was not destined to be torn down. I had recently gotten involved with a group that explored old abandoned buildings (we’d climbed up the silos at the bottom of Bathurst, checked out the abandoned subways in Buffalo, lots of cool stuff), and so I decided I ‘d try my hand at getting into this building. Well I did, and it was cool!


I ended up buying a fixer-upper on Greenlaw, just South of St. Clair, East of Lansdowne. Everyday I’d drive by the Foundry, and I’d admire the building as I passed. Well you can imagine how excited I was when I saw the Foundry Lofts Sales sign go up! I lined up on the 1st day and bought a 1 storey unit for $199,900! And later on bought a 2 storey just because I loved the building so much!


When we finally got our keys in the summer of 2008, I was really excited. I imagined how cool it would be to walk out into the atrium everyday, our own little indoor space. It was pretty amazing, and takes some getting used to, because I’d always be walking around with my head tilted skyward checking out the massive ceiling above me. It didn’t take long to get to know everyone in the building. It’s kinda hard not to when there’s essentially one big hallway in the building, and it’s 50’ wide & 400’ long with a catwalk surrounding it!


It was a pretty cool group (still is), with a lot of artists & photographers. I guess they appreciated the big open spaces the units provided, and I know some of them use that for their work (although I’ve seen plenty of shoots taking place in the atrium as well). Otherwise it was just a bunch of cool people who loved the building, & the idea of the massive atrium. Everyone was excited by the possibilities, & we’d meet and discuss ideas. Informal parties would occur there, with the purpose of neighbours getting to know each other. We started committees to help improve The Foundry. That first year was pretty exciting. We were all very enthusiastic.


After that first year we all kind of got into the groove that is The Foundry. The spontaneous atrium parties cooled down, to be replaced by the larger & better planned Atrium events (which you can read about in the Atrium page). Our grandiose plans for the atrium were toned down when we realized this was gonna take some time(& money). We moved our attention to the lobby, and started working on ideas to beautify that.


It was around this time that another fixer-upper came up, one that I couldn’t refuse. It was too good a deal to pass up on, and so I bought the house & needed to sell my units at The Foundry. I was pretty bummed about leaving. I took a lot of flack in the days approaching my move for heading out, but I promised I’d still be around, and one day I’d move back.

Well I haven’t moved back yet, but I’m definitely still around.


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