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What makes The Foundry unique is the 16,000 s.f atrium upon which most of the units enter. The atrium is the remains of the original manufacturing portion of The Foundry. The floor of the atrium is raised, under which lies the resident & visitor parking. It was on the floor of this parking area that the track originally sat that would carry the train through the building, as a crane high above dropped parts onto it. One can imagine the process taking place as one sits in the massive space that is the atrium.

Today the atrium is used more for photo shoots & lazy mornings reading the paper than for train manufacturing. Other activities in the atrium include a New Year’s Eve party, Halloween Party, Super Bowl party with the game projected onto the end wall, and even a
fashion show.





The Atrium has recently been undergoing a major facelift! Following a proposal (click here to view) voted for by the owners, the work is well under way, with the five seating platforms in place, along with the artworks on the two stair towers. The artworks were actually created and installed by Foundry resident Alan Kosmajic, a professional photographer by trade. The boxes used for the work in the South atrium were actually part of an installation he and partner Diane Misaljevic did for Nuit Blanche in 2010


In the centre of the atrium lies the amenities building. Architecturally similar to the Foundry’s original office building to the West, the amenities building has more to do with pleasure than business.


The lower level of the atrium building houses the party room. Free to use for the residents of the Foundry, this large room features tables & chairs for dining, along with a leather couch and coffee table. The bar area features a fridge and microwave, along with plenty of storage underneath for chips & salsa. The room opens up onto the North atrium, and has been the serving area for some of the larger parties that have taken place here at The Foundry.

On the upper level is the Meeting Room. This room is open at all times, and doesn’t require a special key or deposit. It’s there for when one needs a more formal space than their unit to conduct business, There’s a large table with seating for eight, and hook-ups for projectors and laptops. The meeting room is also home to The Foundry poker tournaments, which generally take place once a month, or whenever we can find enough players!



At the end of the hall, next to the washroom, is the exercise room. Large by condo standards, this room houses a wide assortment of exercise equipment, and has undergone a variety of improvements in the years since the building was completed. A squat rack has been installed, and more free weights have been added. This is on top of the state of the art equipment, including computerized treadmills, supplied by the builder.

Another improvement overseen by the Décor Committee was the recently renovated lobby. The theme for the improvements was the railroad, and include a glass mural of a train blueprint, a train station bench , and a display case containing some of the tools that would have been used here at The Foundry 100 years ago.

Across the hall from the Meeting Room is the Theatre Room. This comes equipped with a ceiling mount projector, a 10’ screen, surround sound dvd system, and two rows of comfy recliners, which allows seating for six. This room requires a special key, and does require a deposit, but as is the case with the party room, the deposit is returned upon inspection of the room following your use.


In the area at the base of the amenities building, archival photos of the area are displayed, reminding residents & visitors what it would have been like here back in the early 1900’s when The Foundry was operational. This improvement was the work of The Foundry Décor Committee, a group of volunteers from The Foundry who meet to discuss ways of beautifying the building and the common areas