"Hi Alex,Just wanted to let you know that 344 Barondale Dr sold last Sunday in multiple offers for over asking. 
The clients are so pleased with the outcome. 
Thank you for the wonderful photos and virtual tour, as always."


Joanne James, Client Care Coordinator for Sandra Sheffield
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Inc.


"OMG, the video is amazing! The owner witll love it!!!
How you do that is such a mystery to me!!! Love it!! 
You are the best!!! Thank you Alex!!!"

Heather Mackenzie, Salesperson
iPro Realty Ltd.



"Good morning Alex, the pictures are amazing!!!
Thank you very much!"


Lia Venditti, Administrator
The Bradford Kitchen Company



"The video and pictures are amazing, Thank you very much!!"

Janey Luong, Salesperson
Royal LePage Signature Realty

"Beautiful as usual, thanks so much!"


Paula Santos, Salesperson
Century 21 Leading Edge Realty Inc.



"Thanks again for your wonderful job."

Ahilan Thanabalasingham, Salesperson
Remax Ryal Properties Realty



Thank you Alex!! You blew this one out of the park!
Stunning footage! Colour capture is amazing."

Gina Jeffers, Broker - Manager
Sutton Group - Heritage Realty Inc.

"Thank you Alex! Love the pictures & video.
Amazing job!!!"

Janey Luong, Salesperson
Royal LePage Signature Realty



"Fantastic photos Alex!  Thank you for the great job!"

Randy LaFleur, Salesperson
EXP Realty Inc.



"Thank you Alex, the video is amazing!!!"

Lise Vaillancourt, Salesperson
Roayl LePage Real Estate Services Inc.



"Hey Alex! Thanks again for the video and pictures! They look amazing."

Francesco Basile, Salesperson
Crescendo Realty Inc.

"Thank you Alex, I'm thrilled with how the photos turned out."


Natalia S, Homeowner



"Love the photos and especially the video!! It's awesome!
Thank you so much!!!"

Heather Mackenzie, Salesperson
iPro Realty Ltd.



"I love it, you are seriously the best, thank you."

Carmelina Geremia, Salesperson
Royal Heritage Realty Ltd.




"Beautiful video, thank you."

Jerzy Nowak, Salesperson
iPro Realty Ltd.



"Hey Alex

Great job on the photos and video!!. Love all the extras you put in like parks, Costco, and drone videos.
Your audiovisuals make our house look like it's worth more than it is and that is the point.
Spot on!!


James R., Homeowner




"AWESOME video!!! Thank you so much Alex.
See you soon on my next one!"

Lia Venditti, Salesperson
Remax West Experts




"Thanks for the awesome photos and video that you did!"

Steve Matkiwsky, Salesperson
Royal LePage Frank Real Estate



"Job well done Alex, the seller was impressed!"

Randy Lafleur, Salesperson
EXP Realty


"22 Bellbrook Road closed, thanks for your best photography Alex,"


Ahilan Thanabalasingham, Salesperson
Remax Royal Properties Realty Ltd.

"I love the video, outstanding!"

Susan D., Homeowner

"Absolutely amazing, thank you so much!"

Bjorn Norris, Salesperson
Remax Community Realty Inc.


"Thanks for the photos and video. They look amazing!"

Janey Luong, Salesperson
Royal LePage Signature Realty



"Thank you very much! Amazing Job!"

Nailia Mavlutova, Salesperson
Right At Home Realty Ltd.

"Thank you Alex, my client loves the video!!!

Jerzy Nowak, Broker

IPro Realty Ltd.



"Excellent video Alex 10/10!"

Mohan Nadarajah, Broker
Homelife Future Realty Inc.



"Hi Alex. The owners of 275 Bamburgh Circle and 255 Bamburgh Circle
are overjoyed with your work!!!"

Tze Wai Li, Salesperson
Union Capital Realty



(Voice Message)

"Alex, my name is Lynn Boyer and I just called to thank you. I am the owner of 17 Earl Street.
The pictures you took of the house are absolutely beautiful and I am so grateful that you did such a good job.
I hope I get to meet you one day but I want to make sure I said thank you because it's really very special.
Have a good day, bye for now"

Lynn Boyer, (Homeowner)



"Thanks for making me look good.  My clients love the video!"

Sandra Sheffield, Salesperson
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Inc.

"Hi Alex, 

Lovely job on the video and photos...my clients are very happy!
As always, thanks for your good work, you make me look good!"


Sandy Gardner, Salesperson
Royal LePage Connect Realty


"What an amazing video tour!
My family are impressed beyond belief.
I am now going to be your biggest promoter and will thank Reece for the recommendation"

Marlene Taylor, Salesperson
Remax Hallmark Realty Ltd.

Message From Neighbour to Homeowner

"Stunning. It will go quick. From someone who spent a career in video production, that video presentation is A+++.
Love the aerial drone footage of the hood... and I got to check my roof on that video! lol."



"Hey Alex!

Thanks for all you do! That house across the street from me sold for about $200K more than it is worth last night. :-)"


Alan Read-Chua, Broker & Branch Manager
Sutton Group - Associates Realty Inc.



"Much appreciated Alex. Well organized and work timely delivered. Good quality and really
impressed with the TV show special effect"


Saseelan Thambirajah, Salesperson
Homelife Best Seller Realty Inc.



"Hi Alex, you did an amazing job, thank you"

Ifran Zia, Salesperson
Royal LePage Vision Realty



"Amazing virtual tour for 104 Elliottglen Drive. thank you. Raza."

Raza Naqi, Salesperson
Roayl LePage Vision Realty



"Awesome. Thanks Alex. I really like the way it turned out."

Massimo Pacienza, Salesperson
Remax West Realty Inc.



"Compliments from my sellers, they love the video"

Sandra Sheffield, Salesperson
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd.



"Amazing work, thanks Alex"


"Hi Alex, property sold in one day. Over asking $113000, amazing work done by you."


Snehal Shah, Salesperson
Homelife Miracle Realty Inc.

"Hi Ilana, I'm not in the market for a house but I wanted tell you that your
presentation of this opulent property suits Bel Air properties!"

Email From Viewer To Homeowner/Agent


"This (VideoTour) is amazing Alex!, pictures are awesome too!"

Alan Read-Chua, Broker & Branch Manager
Sutton Group Associates Inc.

"Now it's our turn to say WOW! Sold, we'll take it. Lol
Alex did an amazing job."

Comments from Homeowners


"Thank you Alex, it (VideoTour) looks amazing as usual. Great job!"


Follow-up (2 days later)

"Hey Alex, The home sold firm for full asking price. 1.325M. Great Job!
Glad you were part of the team."

Jason Yee Shui, Salesperson
Royal LePage Connect



"Looks great!!, Thanks again!"

Cassandra Scolieri, Salesperson
Remax West Realty Inc.


"The video is fantastic - makes it hard to sell this place!"

Erin K., Homeowner


"Thanks a lot Alex!!!!

If it was not our house, we  would buy it only for your video!!!! It is AMAZING!!!"


Karina, Homeowner/Builder



"That's (VideoTour) absolutely fabulous!!!"

Sandra Sheffield, Salesperson
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd.



"Amazing pictures!!!"

Robert Annau, Broker
Remax West Realty Inc.



"Hi Alex, 

I'd like to say that I LOVED your video !!!!!

It's really professional, beautiful and you really did a great job !!!!

Thank you so much!!!

I am really happy with your work and I am looking forward to working with you soon."


Maria Soares, Salesperson
Remax Aboutowne Realty Corp.



"Thanks Alex. Everything looks great!!"


Kelly Purcell, Broker Of Record
Island Heritage Realty Inc.



"Just watching video again. Alex...you did such an amazing job"

Dee Peroff, Salesperson
Remax Crossroads Realty Inc.



"Great work Alex! Your video and pictures are amazing.

You are the best Alex. Thank you again!"

Alejandro Servin Burgos, Salesperson
Right At Home Realty Inc.



"Thank you...By the way i LOVE THE MUSIC!!"

"Thank you Alex as always AMAZING JOB! And thanks for the pool :)"

Robert Annau, Broker
Remax West Realty Inc.



"Thanks buddy this (VideoTour) looks mint"


Derek Cormack, Salesperson
Remax Hallmark Realty Ltd.



"I love how you captured our home on both pictures and video."

Linda Y., Homeowner



"Thanks, wow they (pictures) look amazing. Thanks"

Gabor Hess, Salesperson



"Wow! This virtual tour is outstanding! I love it and I know my clients will be impressed too!  

The photos were perfect as well! 

Thank you for all you do!"

Lisa Hochreiter, Salesperson
Re/Max Professionals Inc




Brian Hill, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty



"You did an amazing job, thank you so much!"

Teresa M., Homeowner



"It looks amazing!"


George Zois, Salesperson
Island Heritage Realty Inc.



"Best I’ve ever seen. Ty"

Lisa Conley, Homeowner



"All I can say is "WOW" Alex, you exceeded my expectations once again!
This is outstanding!  I really appreciate your hard work.  The heat yesterday was unbearable :(.

Thank you!"

Shirley Azachee, Salesperson
Remax Realty One Inc.



Hello Alex,

"Thank you very much for your prompt video of our home !!

It is wonderful...You captured the best features of the house in every way !!

It really looks good and nicely done.

I really enjoy the music selection you used, as well  !! Thank you.

Thank you very much."


Rosemarie, Homeowner



"Wow Alex!  You worked your magic again.  So happy with this!

Thank you!!"

Shirley Azachee, Salesperson
Remax Realty One Inc.



"Thanks Alex, the video was really great. Loved the area shots too, we will definitely reach out again in the future!"

Lindsay Storey, Salesperson
Royal LePage Your Community Realty



"Hi Alex, fyi...my clients said you did a great job! In fact, the husband siad he may not move anymore! Lol!!

Shirley Azachee, Salesperson
Remax Realty One Inc.



"Hey there, we just wanted to once again relay a big thank you for job well done on the Oakwood video.
The drone footage really brought the cut to a whole new level, and we definitely had people remark
that they came to see the property because of the area view from the drone!!"

"So thanks again!! Cheers, d."


Deborah Kiss, Administrative Assistant
Remax Aboutowne Realty Corp



"Alex is a talented, professional Photographer and provides fabulous customer service"

Mary Louise LaBarre, Salesperson
Roayl LePage Frank Real Estate


"Great work!"

"Many thanks- We will definately be using you again!"

Dan Cohen, Salesperson
Remax West Realty Inc.


"Wow!!! It (VideoTour) was Excellent!"

Brian Hill, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty


"Hey Alex...we LOVE this video...seems like you are raising the bar ~ Great work!! thank-you"

Deborah Kiss, Administrative Assistant for
Krisztina Neglia & Rita Garami of Remax Aboutown Realty Corp



"Thank you Alex, the video and pictures look amazing"

Jason Yee Shui, Salesperson
Royal LePage Partners Realty



"Love the Wellesley video,  exquisite job as always!!!
Thanks for putting in such a late night to get this done!"


Alan Read Chua, Salesperson
Sutton Group Associates Realty Inc.


"Absolutely fantastic thank you !!!"

Gillian L., Homeowner


"The virtual tour is amazing! Really well done."

Happy Home Seller



"Comment from my client in email below :-)."

"By the way you are getting a reputation. Last week when I went to show her an example of your work,
I started the video and she said: “oh...he’s the “let’s go upstairs” guy. Love him! Lol"

"Video tour is gorgeous"

Alan Read-Chua, Broker
Sutton Group Associates Realty Inc.



"Fantastic tour- I may buy it lol!
Thank you again, I will certainly recommend you!
- Pat"

Patricia Wakeman, Salesperson
Royal LePage Realty Plus


"Just wanted to send a quick note saying thank you for the stunning photo's. my clients were impressed
with your photos and asked for them to create a memory book to cherish. As you know pictures are
the most important part of the listing as many home owners start the search with the photo on the internet / flyers.
Thanks to your stunning photos, listing at the right price, great staging and great negotiating they were able
to sell in two days over asking! I appreciate the part that you played and would use your services again / recommend you to any one.
All the best. Amanda"

Amanda Small, Salesperson
Manhattan Realty Inc.


"Hi Alex,

Absolutely Outstanding Virtual Tour!!!! Love It!! Thank you very much!!"


Lisa Hochreiter, Salesperson
Remax Professionals Inc.


"Thank-you Alex.
The video is great... I expect my client will love it.
The unit shows beautifully.
I really appreciate it."

Erika Barrientos, Salesperson
Sutton Group Admilral Realty Inc.


"The home looks amazing and your coverage of the surrounding amenities is exceptional!

What you do is not easy.  You're very talented, Alex!"

Shirley Azachee, Salesperson
Remax Realty One Inc.



"Good Morning Claudio,
Your videographer is amazing and we love the video that we found on You Tube. 
Very well done. Excellent Work!!!"

Harry, Homeowner

"Thanks Alex for everything you are very professional and your work is amazing !"

George Zois, Salesperson
Island Heritage Realty Inc.

"Thanks very much, Alex. I appreciate the link and the ability to download the video which I have now done.
We really loved our home at 89 Riverdale and the video showed it off to its best.  
Thank you so much for providing us with a lovely memory of our time there. Best wishes"

Mark W., Homeowner


"Hi Alex, what a beautiful shoot for Chasser Dr., Thank you so much
I absolutely love it !!!"

Tze Prudence Li, Salesperson
Homelife Bayview Realty Inc.


"Hi Alex, please see my seller's comment below..."

Shirley Azachee, Salesperson
Remax Realty One Inc.


"That is amazing! Please tell the photographer thank you very much... excellent work!"

Andrew C., Homeowner



"Hi Alex, 

Thank you for the great photographs that you produced of the listing at 71 Dryden Way.
The are being admired by all who've seen them."

Marie Attard, Salesperson
Sutton Group Summit Realty Inc.

The pics are stunning!
Thank you so much!!!!"

Pauline Cross, Owner
Elliott House Bed & Breakfast


"Love it!"

Cathy Miller, Salesperson
Sutton City Realty Inc.

"Hi Alex,

It was nice seeing you again. Thank you for coming out to Etobicoke this afternoon, for the splendid photos and the slide show. You're the best."

Marie Attard, Salesperson
Sutton Group Summit Realty Inc.


"Alex hi,
The work is amazing. Thank you for the pictures and video tour. Very professional job! Thanks a lot."

Natalia Alaev, Salesperson
Right At Home Realty


"Wow Alex. You outdid yourself!!! Thank you."
Carmel KiddKeller Williams Neighbourhood Realty


"Thank you so much! Excellent work.
This video is so good It makes me want to stay here.
All the best, Take care."
Derek M., Homeowner

"Hi Alex
I own 84 Third and wanted to thank you personally for doing such a wonderful job presenting this house.
After working on it so long and seeing the end result on your video, it makes me want to live there!
Thank you so much"
Jeannie D., Homeowner

"Thank you Alex!
The clients are very happy with your work.
Definitely look forward to more co-op opportunities."
Clement Koo, Salesperson
City Plus Realty Inc.

"Professional, punctual, pleasant personality, and timely turnover.
Alex's work will evoke emotion/excitement to your listings!  
He's worth his weight in gold.  I can't say enough!"

Shirley Azachee, Salesperson
Remax Realty One Inc.


"My client showed the video to a receptionist at her chiropractor’s office.
They bought it and paid $30,000 above list without me putting it on Toronto MLS.
Good thing we were under contract☺ The power of the video!!"Great video!"
Walter Mudyk, Salesperson
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd.

Wow! Beautifully put together !
Like the music and birds in background - sounds like summer for sure.
Congrats! Very professional.
Give our thanks, please"
Judy, Homeowner
"FYI  You make me look good."
Walter Mudyk, Salesperson
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd.


"Hi Alex,
Thank you again for a beautiful Video for the last property. 
This Video Tour and your pics ware a major factor to create the number of showings and activity for this property
(over 20 showings within 36 hrs on the market)!!! We SOLD this property within 1 day over asking price 
( $ 664,900) for $ 680,000 !!! Absolutely great price for semi-detached this type in Churchill Meadows!!!
Thank you J"

Jerzy Nowak,Broker


"Xerxes, I just sent it through to my daughter and she had nothing but praise for it and actually
got goose bumps from looking at it because it was her mom and dads home.
I can’t praise your photographer enough. I guess from what we are seeing we should have been with you from the start.
I am having a good feeling that you will sell this place. Nice job Xerxes."

Doug & Dorothy, Homeowners
"Thanks Alex this looks great"
Xerxes Bharucha, Salesperson
Remax Realtron Team Rajpal Realty

"Hi Alex ,
Thank you for your great job."
Orly Levy, Salesperson
Forest Hill Real Estate

"Excellent Video!!!"
Monica Thapar, Salesperson
Remax Realty Specialists Inc.

"Hi Alan, 
Wow! Alex is an amazing photographer. Even in those small MLS photos the place looks great.
This ad looks so good, I’m even ready to put in an offer.
Still can’t believe this is happening! "
"All the best,
Charles, Homeowner

"Hello Alex,"
"These pictures are amazing and the virtual tour is also beyond what I had expected!
I wish I had come to you sooner, thanks for putting this all together."
Follow-up 2 weeks later:
"The property sold a week after you did photos and the virtual tour.
I have also secured two new clients from this sale, obviously the advertising was a hit.
I intend to keep you in the loop for future listings, my clients have all commented on how outstanding the virtual tour is!
You've done some awesome work, thank you for being a valuable asset to our team!"
Luca Disimino, Salesperson
Remax Premier Inc.

"Hi Alex,"
"You have outdone yourself!"
"This video is truly outstanding…the streetcars on Broadview…street animation with joggers and bike riders…
rolling garage door…plus running water from the faucet…pop open closet doors and self –closing drawer demonstration …
to name just a few of the special effects are AWESOME!!"
"Thanks so much…you artistry and skills are greatly appreciated!!!"
John & Natalie, Salespeople
Royal LePage Estate Realty

"Hi Alex,
Wow !!! The photos and tour are fabulous. 
Thanks so much. You made us fall in love with our house again.
We often take for granted what we have."
"Great job. I am sure this will get the buyers attention."
Barb Storey, Salesperson & Homeowner
Royal LePage Connect Realty

"I LOVE it Alex- your verbage is fantastic and I can truly see the difference between a vt and video tour now"
Geeta Rajpal, Salesperson
Remax Realtron Realty Inc.

"Wow, thank you!"
Wendy R., Homeowner

"My sincere thanks!!! Your photos and video of our condo were all fantastic.
Greatly appreciated"
Margot Jones, Homeowner

"Just wanted to let you know that my sellers LOVED the video.

Thanks again"
Frank Crisafi, Salesperson
Remax All-Stars Realty Inc.

"Frank and Bing…..are blown away by your work.  Thanks for making me look good."

Elisa Marcucci, Salesperson
Sutton Group Security Real Estate Inc.

"Hi Alex, it's amazing! Thank you very much"
Ahilan Thanabalasingham, Salesperson
Remax Dynasty

"Pictures are beautiful!!! Thanks."
Mary Louise LaBarre, Salesperson
Royal LePage Frank Reasl Estate

"My clients loved the VideoTour!"
Elisa Marcucci, Salesperson
Sutton Group Security Real Estate Inc.

"Alex, your VideoTours and pictures sell houses!"
Tze Prudence Li, Salesperson
Homelife Bayview Realty Inc.

"They are all fantastic. Clients are knocked out by the new video!!!"
Kerry Jackson, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty

"Love it! Got it. Looks amazing. Thank you for your hard work."
Paul DeAdder, Salesperson
Sutton City Realty Inc.

"Looks fantastic Alex! Thank you"
Dave Friestadt, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty

"I love it!"
Tina Knowles, Salesperson
Royal LePage Your Community Realty

"Brilliant job, Alex!!
Thank you."
Marti Philip, Salesperson
Remax Professionals Inc.

"Wow!! Its great Alex!! Thank you."
Nancy Kneubuhler, Salesperson
Royal LePage Realty Plus

"Way Cool !!!
The video itself should bring an extra 50 grand, right ?
Thanks Rick, you’re doing a great job for me."
Homeowner email to agent

"Hello Alex,
Thank you so much. The video is, as expected, lovely. I know my clients will be delighted as well."
Jennifer Scaife, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty

"Rick, it brought tears to my eyes.   Nice approach.   Love the music.  Well done!"

Mary T., 

"Thanks Alex, once again a fabulous virtual tour"
Lisa Hochreiter, Salesperson
Remax Professionals Inc.

"Hi Alex, my sellers loved the VideoTour! It sold above asking price."
Mary Louise LaBarre, Salesperson
Royal LePage Frank Real Estate

"Sorry Alex!
I got so busy I didn’t get a chance to thank you for the awesome Video Tour and Pics on 50 Quebec.
We just sold it for $20K above list. Yay!!!"

Alan Read Chua, Broker
Sutton Group Associates Realty Inc.

"Wow, I absolutely love the video!!! Thank you Alex"
Tze Prudence Li, Salesperson
Homelife Bayview Realty Inc.

"Hi Alex,
I just reviewed your video of Shaftesbury.  You have managed to make the
home look great!  I especially liked the video opening
with scenes from the community, etc..  Nice work!  I think the home owners
will be very pleased with your video.
Thanks very much."
Deb-Mulford Graham, Assistant
Royal Lepage Johnston & Daniel

"Hi Alex. Thank you so much for the pictures and video tour. They look amazing!!!"

Dee Peroff, Salesperson
Remax Crossroads Realty Inc.

"Great job Alex!
I'm you number one fan"
John Katsuras, Broker
Homelife Vision Realty Inc.

I love the video. Great work! The pictures are as well."
Elisa Marcucci, Salesperson
Sutton Group Security Real Estate Inc.

"Dear Alex...
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for the amazing work you did on my two listings for South Beach Condos!
You were particularly able to capture the cool energy and vibe of the project with the background music!
I look forward to many more projects together!
Take care...Dee"
Dee Peroff, Salesperson
Remax Crossroads Realty Inc.


"Awesome!!! Thanks."

Yamilet Marmol, Salesperson
Minto Realty Inc.

"Thanks Alex, the video is beautiful"

Carolynn Parsons, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty

"Seller's Response, Wow! I think I want to keep it it looks so good!"

Alan Read-Chua, Broker
Sutton Group Associates Realty Inc.


"I just sold the house over asking! I asked the buyers what drove them to see the
home and they said it was the VideoTour. Thanks Alex!"

Brian Hill, Salesprson
Royal LePage Estate Realty

"I am really happy with your job, well done!"

Janeth Becerra Garzon, Salesperson
Sutton City Realty Inc.

"Thanks so much for the changes. The tour will be live this morning."

"You do great work and I love the video and all the neighbourhood amenities"

Barb Storey, Salesperson
Royal LePage Connect Realty



"I love it Alex!"

"Great Job!"

Vanessa Glen, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty


"Thanks for the great job on 32 Holloway"

Frank Mantella, Salesperson
Kingsway Real Estate



"Awesome Thanks! I can't believe you nade it look that good!"

Alan Read-Chua, Broker
Sutton Group Associates Realty Inc.


"Thanks Alex, Everyone RAVED about the virtual tour and photos!"

Mary Louise LaBarre, Salesperson
Royal LePage Frank Real Estate


"You do very good work, I am impressed!"

Diana Rocco, Salesperson
Royal LePage Connect

"Thanks so much.  My husband and I just watched the video it is fantastic.
House looks so good I do not want to move.  Ha Ha. 
Look forward to working with you in the future."
Karen Johnston, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty



"Thank you Alex!!! We are so happy!"

Jerzy Nowak, Salesperson
Remax Hallmark Realty Ltd.


"Thanks Alex,

FYI, we have the unit sold conditional last night.  The Buyer was keen to see the unit after watching the video!  
I passed your info to the buyer agent and trust that she may contact you when her clients are selling their house in Markham.  
You probably have too much business already :)

Anyway, keep up the good work!  Thx!!"

Victor Fu, Salesperson
Royal LePage Frank Real Estate


Bravo !!!! I Love It !!!! Thank you very much."
Lisa Hochreiter, Salesperson
Remax Professionals Inc.

"I love it. Thank you so much, Alex"
Victoria Badescu, Salesperson
Century 21 President Realty Inc.

"Alex, Really well-done for a 12-hour diddy. Supremely good. 
Many thanks. Much appreciated"
Peter R., Homeowner


"Alex, thanks very much - Brilliant job!!!

Especially the summer videos of the area!"

David K., Homeowner



"Thank you Alex, the owner loves your work!"

Tze Prudence Li, Salesperson
Homelife Bayview Realty Inc.



"In the words of my clients....(That is very cool!)"

Alan Read-Chua, Broker
Sutton Group Associates Realty



"Thanks Alex! Great work....greatly appreciated"

Jenny DW Kwok, Salesperson
Remax Excel Realty Ltd.


"Hi Alex,

Thank-you for an excellent video. I am thrilled with it!"

Carol Simpson, Homeowner


"Alex,Thanks for making this happen so fast. I had a lot of great comments on the VideoTour, so did the owners who's friends are architects.
The house sold for 99.5% of asking!"
Adam Charlesworth, Salesperson
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd.




Thanks so much, definately an artist's work."

Natalie And John, Salespersons
Royal LePage Estate Realty



"Thanks again. The virtual tour looks amazing!!! I know our clients will be impressed."

Lia Hochreiter, Salesperson
Remax Professionals Realty



"Hi Alex, This is awesome! Thank you very much for a great job!"

Kat Anderson, Salesperson
Homelife Realty One Ltd.



"Thanks Alex, it looks great!"

Matt Paananen, Salesperson
Sutton City Realty



"We just love it! Amazing Job!

Use us as a reference anytime you want!!"

Grahame King, Salesperson
Remax Ultimate Realty Inc.



"Hello Alex,

My clients loved the video...the lady almost cried, for deciding to leave such a beautiful house...

Once again, fantastic work. I expected good work, but this is fantastic...you made a good house look amazing...thanks a lot.

Great job, I am very happy..."


Bob Duguleanu, Salesperson
Century 21 Heritage Group Inc.



"Thank you Alex for the amazing video, hopefully the home will sell quickly"

Vickey & Michael, Homeowners



"Thanks Alex

Looks Aewsome!"

Ori Grad, Salesperson
Century 21 Regal Realty Inc.



"Fabulous Alex!"

I really love your video and how quickly you turned it around too. Will definitely call you for my next listing."

Joan Kallymeyer, Salesperson
Sutton Group Associats Realty Inc.



"Hello Alex, thanks for the quick turn-around."

The VdieoTour looks great."

Iannick Breault, Salesperson
Sutton City Realty Inc.



"The video is awesome!"

Sonya MacDonald, Home Stager
Eye For Detail, Home Staging and Redecorating



"The best ever!!!

Thank you."

Brian Hill, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty



"Your service is amazing. So happy I found you! Thanks so much."

Faithe Sversky, Broker
Forest Hill Real Estate Ltd.



"Dear Alex,
As always thank you for the awesome job.
Look forward to working with you again soon."
Brian D'Costa, Salesperson
Remax Vision Realty



"My client thought the video is the best she has seen on MLS, thanks!"

Doug Stoutt, Broker
Remax Condos Plus Corp



"Hi Alex,

I saw the video today and it is great!  Thanks a lot."

Justin H., Homeowner



"Hello Alex,
Beautiful video!!!   Thank you so much.  I really appreciate you rushing it to us.
I look forward to working with you again.
Prudence Li"
Prudence Li, Salesperson
Homelife Bayview Realty Inc.



"Hi Alex,
Looks great, thanks for all your work!

Kat Anderson, Salesperson
Homelife Realty One Ltd.



"Awesome! Impressed as always.
Thank you"


Ori Grad, Salesperson
Century 21 Regal Realty Inc.



"Hi Alex!
Looks great! Your HD rocks! Thanks for all your hard work today.


Jack Ridout. Salesperson
Royal Lepage Estate Realty



"Thanks a lot Alex, you hit this one out of the park!!!"

Andrew Kinnaird, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty



"Dolores from Regent Drive says thank you!  She loves the tour and says maybe she shouldn't move as her house shows great!  LOL!"


Marie Matkiwsky, Salesperson
Royal LePage Frank Real Estate



"Wow! Love the music! A Great video. Thanks Ron"
Ron Hyde, Salesperson
Sutton City Realty



"Hi Alex,
Wow that was amazing!!! You are truly the Best! :)  I love it and I know our clients and prospective buyers will too!!!
Thank you very much, Lisa"


Lisa Hochreiter, Salesperson
Remax Professionals Inc.



"Hi Alex, Sellers @ 12 Knightsbridge Court impressed with Photos and Virtual tour. Agents gave compliments too!
Mary-Louise LaBarre, Real Estate Agent
Royal Lepage Frank Real Estate



"Good morning Alex,

My husband Chad and I just looked over  the virtual tour & we have to express to you how very happy we are with the overall virtual tour!! You did a stellar job Alex!Thank you kindly for your hard work and thank you for the super quick turn-around!!!"

Natasha Novelo., Real Estate Agent & Homeowner
Century 21 Heritgae Realty Ltd.



"Ernie, the video is fantastic.  I'm thinking of staying, I like the house so much.
Your videographer is amazing.  Give him my compliments"

Gary E., Homeowner (email to agent)



I’m a realtor & I was really impressed with your virtual tour of the feather factory loft listing.
I have been using OBEO, but I think your virtual tour gives a lot better perspective of the condo.

Deirdre K., Real Estate Agent


"It surpasses my expectations ....Just LOVE it!"

Jeannette, Homeowner



"Thank you for doing such a fantastic job on making our house look so beautiful! With material like this we're sure to have rush offers!"

P + M, Homeowners

"Hi Alex

Frank and I are very pleased with the pictures and the fabulous video tour.  Thanks for the quick response in sending us the pictures and uploading the video tour, its much appreciated."

Lisa Hochreiter, Salesperson
Remax Professionals Inc.


You work very hard and I really appreciate your prompt and professional service.Thank you Alex,
Have a great day!

Norton Yu, Sales Representative
Homelife Excelsior Realty Inc




Here are the comments from my seller on Drake.

You really nailed this one, thank you so much


Andrew Kinnaird, Sales Representative
Royal LePage Estate Realty

WOW... What an amazing production.. Maybe I should stay there and not move.. ever.... 
When people see this, they will come.... I am convinced... And his picture/still shots are very amazing too...

He captured the essence of why I love the house the way I do....
Especially. the picture from the bed, overlooking the lake... How many houses in GTA can claim that???

Nick D. Homeowner



Absolutely fabulous.  You’ve done it again.  Thanks a bunch Alex.


Sue Danko, Sales Representative
Royal LePage Signature Realty



My wife and I loved the video and pictures!!! The place looks amazing, thank you so much!
I want to re buy the house hehehe.

Mark, Home Seller



Looks great – my clients are very pleased!
Thank you kindly.

Gina Jeffers, Sales Representative
Royal LePage Connect Realty



Looks great and the client is very happy- merci!

Frank Goodrick & Taylor Meredith, Sales Representatives
RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd



Clients love the video!

Thanks again Alex.

Taylor Meredith, Salesperson
Remax Hallmark Realty Ltd.


VideoTour is amazing as always Alex, Thank You!

Alan Read-Chua, Salesperson
Sutton Group Associates Realty Inc.


Thanks Alex. It's wonderful, great job!

Lori Bassett, Salesperson
Sutton Group Quantum Realty


Dear Alex

As usual, you did a sterling job. I am sure your good work contributed to the fast sale of this property.

Thanks Again,

Marie Attard, Salesperson
Sutton Group Summit Realty Inc.



Thank you so much the pictures are 1st class!!!

Margaret Buckley, Salesperson
Remax Hallmark Realty


Hi Alex


The pictures look fantastic!

Foskea Purdy, Salesperson
Royal LePage Credit Vallery


Hi Alex

I love it.  Looks fantastic. Thanks for replacing some of the exterior shots with the autumn photos.  Looks spectacular.


Wendy Forrest, Broker
Sutton Group Associates


Excellent work Alex & Steve,

You made it look so good.

Roger Gallibois, Broker Of Record
Royal LePage Homeward



Excellent Alex, thanks for another great job!!  Leslie

Leslie Prentice, Sales Representative
Remax Rouge River Realty Inc.



Alex - you are the best!  Thanks so much for a great job.  Tricia

Tricia Marson, Sales Representative
Right At Home Realty Inc.



We can’t thank you enough. The client was most impressed!

Call you soon…



Marti Philp & Greg Loates, Sales Representatives
Remax Professionals Inc.



As usual, it is a great piece! This is not an easy home to photograph but you have made it seem really super
and much better than I could have imagined. Thanks for putting together such a wonderful piece on the area.
It really works! Our home owner was quite delighted.
This will really help to sell the property - in multiples on Monday hopefully!

Dianne Gering, Customer Care Manager
Remax Professionals Inc.



Oh my God!!!!!!!.....its amazing!!!........I knew you would do a great job...
...but its so much more than I expected......thanks so much Rick...Im saving this.

C. Sedgewick, Homeowner
Email From Homeowner To Agent



FANTASTIC!!! This video is worth at least $1.5M, n'est pas?

Mike, Homeowner



Everything in the virtual tour looks and sounds AMAZING!!!!
Thanks so much.

Sacha & Bill, Homeowners


You are THE BEST!  I am so happy that I chose YOU! 
Thank you so much, It came out PERFECT, Absolutely amazing.
Thanks for assisting me through the ENTIRE process, what a man, what a talent, You really are GREAT! 
I appreciate it more then you can imagine.  Thank you again, so much.

You know I will be reffering you to EVERYONE Now, competitive prices, Quck lead time,
quicker production time, everything done to top notch specifications. 
Should you ever request a testimonial, I would be glad to assist. 

Erik Fishman, Salesperson
Sutton Group Admiral Realty Inc.



Hi Alex

Thanks for the splendid quick turnaround with the Video and Photos!
It's a great video and I like the music that you selected.

Thanks Alex...you're the greatest
I can always rely on you and that means a lot to me.

Sharon Batke, Salesperson
Sutton Group Realty Systems Inc.



Hi Alex,

Thanks so much! As usual, it looks fantastic.
My parents were very impressed with the quality of pictures and with your professionalism.
Thank you!

Trudy Wilson, Salesperson
Remax Eastern Realty Inc.



Dear Alex,

Thank you for the great virtual tour of this property. It has been greatly admired.

With best regards,

Marie Attard, Sales Representative
Sutton Group Summit Realty Inc.



Wow!!!! this is the best you none for me!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Brian Hill, Sales Representative
Royal LePage Estate Realty



Alex,Thank you! I have recommended your services to several R.E. agents.



Mary Louise LaBarre, Sales Representative
Royal LePage Frank Real Estate



Hey Alex:
Thanks for doing a great job. The condo sold in 4 days!
Have a great summer. Hope to work with you again in the not too distant future.


Roy Runions, Sales Representative
Remax Hallmark Realty Ltd.



Hi Alex:

Thank you very much,it is a great work.

The Novelos, Sales Representatives
Century 21 Heritage Realty



Absolutely brilliant.  My husband and I were very impressed :))
Starting the video with the tony Yorkville/Rosedale lifestyle was original and so well executed.  
You nailed it!!  The entire video was so well done.  Please thank Tom for his expertise and imaginative presentation
- it was very enjoyable to watch and it is sure to have a very positive impact on a speedy sale process.
Thank you Alex, Tom and Sue.


Elizabeth Clarke, Home Owner



Great video Rick, almost makes me want to stay!

Mike, Home Owner
(email from home owner to agent)


Hi alex, i just wanted you to know how happy our seller is with your video.  (see her note below)

Thank you again for all of your efforts. 

Lori Bassett, Salesperson
Sutton Group Quantum Realty Inc.

Lori and Alex,

I think it's fantastic! I know you have both worked hard to complete this so well and so quickly.
Thank you.

Janice, Home Owner



Hello Alex,


Thank you so much !!!

This is Super Fast, GREAT JOB !!!

Amazing Video, Photos and I like the music you chose !!!

Lovely description !!!


Have a wonderful weekend !!!


Tony Lai, Salesperson
Remax Realtron Realty Inc.


Thanks Alex – looks fantastic – the owner’s are very impressed, asked me to thank you personally.


Thanks again!

Gina Jeffers, Salesperson
Royal LePage Connect Realty



Thanks very much for your excellent work. Both videos are excellent.

Alex Pino, Salesperson
Sotheby's International Realty, Canada



Hi Alex,

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know about the favourable comments I have received about the video tour.  

Have a great day.

Frank Longo, Salesperson
Royal LePage Maximum Realty



Hello Alex,

I've received many compliments on the video tour and have now forwarded your information to 5 agents! 
The home owner as well was very pleased. Have a lovely weekend!

Kendra Metcalfe, Salesperson
Sutton Group Status Realty



Hi Alex:

This unit sold to a buyer in Hong Kong.  By power of attorney through his agent here. 
The purchaser has never seen the unit other than through the virtual tour.

Thanks for a job well done!

Catharine Palmer, Salesperson
Coldwell Banker Case Realty


Hi Alex:

My clients are absolutely THRILLED with the video.  It is truly amazing. 
They have already passed on your video to their friends who are amazed at the professionalism quality of the video. 

Thank you for being there so quickly for me and for the extraordinary fast turnaround.

You are the best!

Thanks Alex,

Sharon Batke, Salesperson
Sutton Group Realty Systems



Thanks for the video tour, it's perfect!

Helga Teitsson, Broker
Remax Hallmark Realty Ltd.



Thanks Alex,

I am really happy and I just e-mailed it to the clients, I'm sure they will love it!


Cherie Myer, Salesperson
Sutton Group Realty Systems


Thanks a lot Alex!!! Hope to work with you again soon :)

Stella Kvaterman, Salesperson
Remax West Realty Inc.


Only on the market 1 day and it is SOLD FIRM ...confidentially for full price 720K.


It is a nice story particularly for Alex as the husband saw the property alone as his
wife was not available this morning. She took the video tour and that was enough
for her as she knew this was her dream home. She only actually saw it minutes
prior to the offer being presented . The brochure blew the sellers and buyers away too.


Alex...you have a real good story to tell to those that do not believe in a video tour!


Gordon Daly, Salesperson
Sutton Group Summit Realty





Just wanted to pass on to you comments made to me by Cathy Jennings .
She said you are a "master" and appreciates what you have done .


Nice of her to complement you this way....from my side "ditto".


Gordon Daly, Salesperson
Sutton Group Summit Realty



Thanks for a job well done.

The house sold for asking in 3 days!!

Carrie-Ann Maxwell, Salesperson
Graydon Hill Realty Ltd.



Hello Alex!

This is incredible! Very Nice Job! On the video the place looks much better than in real life! Wow!
Thank You-I love the music too!

Robert Annau, Broker
Royal LePage Estate Realty



Thanks Gordon - .

Looks Awesome!  Maybe we should stay here! Your videographer did a fantastic job.  
Even made the tiny kitchen look larger than it is.

Audrey   (Email From Home Owner To Agent)




Thanks again for doing such an outstanding job on 104 Macpherson Ave.
Sold the house in 3 days!


Michelle Neufeld, Salesperson
Royal LePage J & D Division




Thanks, for such a great job. The video is awesome!
I'll be sure to call you for the next one. It was great working with you!

Milana Cizmar, Broker
Royal LePage Real Estate Services



Hi Alex: I don't know how you do it! the pictures are great!! thanks again.

Margaret Buckley, Broker
Remax Hallmark Realty Ltd.


Thank you so much alex-the video tour looks fantastic!!!


Sophie Solomon, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty



Hi Alex 
Btw, I love the video tour -u did a fantastic job_thanks so much, the owners also love the video!


Michelle Walker, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty



Hi Gord


We just watched the video, WOW!!! If we didn't own it, we would buy it!!!


Wanda   (Email From Home Owner To Agent) 



Thank you Alex;  The pictures & video are Great!! 

Margaret Buckley, Broker
Remax Hallmark Realty Inc.


Thanks Alex – it looks great and my clients were very pleased (said they wished you had shot their wedding video). 

Gina Jeffers, Salesperson
Royal LePage Connect Realty



Alex - you are an artist and a master of your trade. 

Thank you.


Patricia Marson, Salesperson
Remax Ultimate Realty Inc.



Hi Alex

Thanks very much for your help, that seems to have done the trick.
& I am not sure if I said this in previous emails but your photography is really impressive.

Best regards,

Laura Allen, Administrator


Thanks Alex!


The condo sold after 6 days on the market!


Charlotte Angus, Salesperson
Bosley Real Estate Ltd.



This was my clients response:


Looks awesome…Alex rocks !!!  Please tell him I said so!


Thanks Alex,


Alan Read-Chua, Broker
Sutton Group Associates



Fabulous job!! You are my man.
I will make sure you get lots of Forest Hill business.

Jeffrey Wagman, Broker Of Record
Forest Hill Real Estate



Thank you Alex, another fabulous job!!  

Leslie Prentice, Salesperson
Remax Rouge River Realty



That is an awesome virtual tour you made for 11 Winter Road. 

Danny Macedo, Salesperson
Royal LePage Supreme



The sellers asked me to be sure to thank you for the splendid work you did in capturing the best of their home in the video.
They feel it is extraordinary work and will greatly contribute to a profitable sale. 

I thank you as well. All my team make the quality standards they set hard to match. 

Take Care,

Gordon Daly, Salesperson
Sutton Group Summit Realty



This is beautiful work! Thank you for a job well done. Please tell Alex I am very impressed!!!!

Email From Cindy  (Home Owner)  To Gordon Daly   (Agent)


Hi Alex:


Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the wonderful video production of our house at 4959 Old Brock Rd. It is very impressive. 
It actually looks so good, I hope people won't be disappointed when they see the house. 

Thanks so much.


Andrea & Craig Jenner  (Home Owners)



Hi Alex, 

I am a real estate agent working in downtown Toronto. 
I came across a virtual tour that your company did for one of the listings and was blown away by how beautiful the presentation looked.

Natalia, Salesperson




I'm very pleased with your production talent. . Very impressive and I know my clients will be very pleased as well.
The baroque music is a nice touch for a high-end property like this one. You covered all the bases very nicely,
including extra coverage of that gorgeous kitchen. Thanks for your efforts. I look forward to working with you again!

James Kidd, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty




Amongst the many things I have to be grateful for, having you as my provider of virtual tours is at the top.
Your work is outstanding! Thank you very much for the support of my business. Continued success to you and your family from me.


Kerry Jackson, Salesperson
Royal LePage Estate Realty



Thanks! The home had 6 offers and sold for over $1.1 million!!

Helga Teitsson, Broker
Remax Hallmark Realty Inc.




I just bought a house that had your video tour (one of the nicest tours I have seen by the way) and would like to put this to disc if possible...

Many Thanks,

R. Schur  (Home Buyer)



To whom it may concern,

In December of 2005 we sold our home and it was firm because we used a video walking tour from VideoListings.ca
I was a skeptic for sure at the begining but am now a believer. In November of 2005 my wife who is a real estate
agent put our house on the market at a fair price. In one month after 6 open houses we got one low ball bid, that's it.
We lowered our price and still got no offers. Then a couple who saw our ad on the internet and the virtual video tour
made a deal in less than 1 day, who would have beleived it!. Thanks to my wife for ordering the virtual tour for just
$300.00 and thanks to VideoListings.ca and Alex we sold our house fast. I'm especially a pleased customer since
I bought my new house before selling my existing house and this is relieved alot of anxiety.


Jeffery Gustin   (Home Owner)



Hi Alex;

Just thought you might be interested in knowing how effective you tours have already been in my
marketing of Pheasant run and my newest listing on Geran. For Geran, I did my first open house on
Sat. 26th. I lost track of how many visitors had already taken teh tour either from my site or from MLS.CA
.... just incredible. The tour interested them so much that they often said "I just had to come and see it for myself".
The tour brought more serious prospects to me. As a result from Sat, I have some very good probable clients. I
f not for Geran, then for something else. From my Opens at Pheasant Run alone, I have confirmed 7 new ends
I am working on now...without the tours and Opens, this would never have happened. d to that,
whatever Geran yields, and you can readily see how a complete marketing package including tours can help build a business.

Thanks agin for you very meaningful contribution. I have also had some nice emails and comments about the new banner.

Take care,

Gordon  Daly, Salesperson
Sutton Group Summit Realty Inc.



Hi Alex - I came across your virtual tour on Sylvia Houghton's listing in Markham.
I too am a Realtor, and found your virtual tour stunning!! Almost like a wedding video,
exept the home is the bride!! :) What are the fees associated with this? I would love to use it for my listings.
I bet that helped sell Sylvia's listing! Kudos to a neat idea taken one step further!!

Thank you,

Linda-Ann Chiavatti  (Agent)


Hello Alex

I stumbled onto your site after a circuitous route on the web. I am a realtor currently woring in South Wales,
in the process of wrapping things up here and getting things started in Toronto where I will be relocating shortly.
I have already established my license with the Toronto Real Estate Borad as well as a relationship with a
cooperating broker I have been working with successfully from the UK. With a well established client base in place,
I believe you offer a very advantageous service that would assist me in whetting the interest of my clients whilst I complete my move.


Sarah Anderson  (Agent)



Thank you Alex, My clients and I both agreed that the video looks great! I'll be in touch again.
Best Regards,


Dave (Agent)



Thanks Alex!
Lots of positive feedback about your video. Will definately be calling again...hopefully soon.

V. Chrysdale (Agent)



Excellent job Alex! Thanks You.

Joan (Agent)



Alex, Thanks for doing such a great job! We look forward to woring together in the future.

Dom & Lisa G. (Agents)



The client loved the tour as I did! Many thanks.

Olga (Agent)



Hi Alex,

Thanks again for the great video. Jim & Eva are really pleased, and so am I!
Kind regards,

Charlotte (Agent)



Dear Alex,

Thank you for such a lovely video. You are an artist!


Lynda (Agent)



Thank you Alex.

Keep up the good work!

You are the real pro.

Emily (Agent)




Just wanted to thank you for such a fantastic virtual tour you did for 136 Colonel Danforth Trail -
The home sold in record time! Thanks again-looking forward to woring with you again soon.

Heather (Agent)



Sophia & Alex,

What an incredible 3 days! 21 showings since the listing hit the MLS -
sometimes 3 parked waiting to get in one after the other!

What an incredible night of bidding with you, Sophia, under control and
so capably managing 4 offers and getting us TOP DOLLARS!

What an incredible video that kept them coming and coming. Alex you are a genius!

Alex, thank you again. Great, great creative art!


Mary & Roger Herriott  (Home Owners)



Dear Alex,

I'm happy to have been able to make contact with you about the great video you made of the co-op we bought yesterday.
It's 338 Spadian Road, #16, and if you could send me the DVD I would treasure it forever!

Thanks you so much and happy trails!

G. Watson  (Buyer)



Dear Sir,

I just finished watching one of your videos and I have to say I was impressed. I realize that I an not precisely in the vecinity
but I still would like to find out if you would be interested in doing a couple of videos for a couple of properties
I own on the Cote d'Azur near Cannes in the South of France.

Please do let me know how to proceed. Thanks so much.



Enrique Collado Heredia  (Viewer)



Hi Alex,

These pictures are AMAZING....


Barbara  (Home Owner)



Hi Alex,

The WIFE hasn't seen it yet - but I think it is Bloody brilliant - Can't wait for her to get home!!!

Hi Alex,

Many thanks for the CD's of stills and video of our home - we are delighted (But still have not sold yet!! Patience Al!!)

A very nice job and you can use us as references if you need any time.


Al  (Home Owner)



Thanks Alex!

We did it again, seller is very happy.

Mav Hankey (Agent)



Thanks Alex

So glad I met you. I love it. I am almost scared the'll change their mind and won't sell. Lol.

Derek Kaiser (Agent)



Hi Alex! We just watched the video you created...it's fantastic!
Thanks so much for capturing such beautiful footage of our home!

You are very talented!


Ken & Sylvia Mamoukarys  (Home Owners)



Dear Alex,

Great job as usual Alex, Thanks Once again!

Asta  (Agent)



Thank you so much for the Virtual Tour you did on the home.
My client was quite impressed. I shall not hesitate to call on you whenever the opportunity comes.
he cheque is enclosed.

Best Wishes,

Mary Attard  (Agent)



ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!! That video is out of this world gorgeous! Thank you so much.


Lynda  (Agent)



Thanks for the video of our home, Alex. It's terrific!

Jim Groves  (Home Owner)



Alex....just checked it out....the video tour is fantastic. Thanks for such a great job!!

Cindy Steep  (Home Owner)



Dear Alex,

Please find below an email from our vendor at 11 Nantong.
She echoed Fran's and my opinion. You do great work and we thank you so much.

David  (Assistant To Fran Bennett)

Fran and Alex

This is great! Wonderful. Let's buy this house! Thansk for such a perfect picture of our hose.
Fran, please send this on to Alex with our thanks to him for a professional and appealing video.

Sally and Alan  (Home Owners)



Hi Alex,

I am writing to thank you for the excellent video produced for 85 Wrenson Road (Rick Wall, agent).
I hardley recognize my beautiful home. The music and the headings are icing on the cake.
I'm already getting feedback from people wanting the same treatment, agent and videographer, when they sell.

Thanks again for a job superbly done.

Madeleine and Glen Rose  (Home Owners)




Loads of compliments on the tour & pictures.


Mav  (Agent)





I must say that you're not only talented, you're very good-humoured as well.

Thanks very much! That was instant action I must say.


Bob  (Home Owner)



Hi Alex;

I want to thank you for your splendid support again in 2007. I achieved Platinum level again in
2007 and working only 9 months make that achievement all the more special.
You are an integral part of my team and I look forward to woring with you for many
years to come. I trust you had a good year as well.

Joany and I wish you and your family all the best of the season and happiness,
good health and continued success in 2008 and beyond.

Take care,

Gordon Daly  (Agent)



Hi Alex,


I've watched the virtual tour and think it's terrific! Very efefctive.

Thanks you so much.

Bob  (Home Owner)



Dear Alex,

Thank-you for a great job as usual!

Best Regards,

Mark & Asta  (Agents)



You are AWSOME!!! I commend you and Tom for a job well done! I am a raving fan
of your service and will be calling you again soon. Thank you so much for all of your efforts.
The video is wonderful and my client is very happy with it!

With Gratitude,

Marti  (Agent)



Hi Jeff:

Hope all is well. I wanted to thank you once again for an absolutely outstanding virtual tour of 74 O'Hara Avneue.
I had many positive comments on it from my clients, potential purchasers and my colleagues.
It helped greatly to draw traffic to the open-house I held on the weekend because people were so
impressed by what they saw on the computer, that they had come to see it for themselves.
It is a great house and we were successfully in getting 4 competitive bids Tuesday night.
It sold for nearly $30K over asking price and my clients are absolutely delighted.

Nutan Brown  (Agent)



Thanks Alex!

It's awesome! I spoke to my clients tonight and they are thrilled with it (VideoTour).
They were really impressed with Jeff catching all theamazing details of the home. He is really good!
All of the panning on the details was amazing, and without any guidance. Very impressive!

Thanks so much.

Also, I don't know if I told you that the house you did for me in Scarborough sold for $30K over list!
Everyone loved the video tour. Good story for you to promote yorself!

Talk to you soon.

Janice  (Agent)



Thank you. Jeff did a great job. We've had compliments from an MS.ca user.

Kathi O.  (Agent)



I just saw one of your VideoTours. I was impressed! I am interested in getting some more information.

Susan M.  (Agent)



Hello Alex

Thank you so much for such a great job on this house, it looks amazing, better than reality.

You are the man!!!

Tony Lai  (Agent)



The seller is very impressed with the video and pictures as I am.

As always thanks.

Jill  (Agent)



Hi Alex -

Thanks Again!

Best Regards,

Amanda Shapiro  (Agent)




Give you and Tom an oscar for this one!!


Stephen Parks  (Agent)



Thanks to you we sold another one above list. 11 Bridlington was listed for $319,000 and sold firm for $325,000 last night.


Alan  (Agent)



Hi Alex:

Thanks so much - the pictures were great & the Video is just wonderful! I love it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Valerie  (Agent)



Hey Alex! You did it again! the house on Clinton was listed for $699,000,
the last sale of a similar unit was a year ago for $583,000 and we sold it for $700,000!
I think your tour had a lot to do with this. Thank you!

Alan  (Agent)




It is AWESOME...I love it. It's amazing.

Jill Denovan  (Agent)



Thanks Alex, You have done a great job! Me vendor was so happy with it too.

Karen Millar  (Agent)



Hi Alex


Pam Palmer  (Marketing Kingsway Arms)



Wow the tour looks great! It was nice the way the video and still shots have been
blended together to demonstrate the yard in the summer. Good job Alex!

Pam  (Home Owner)




Thank you Very Much

Melanie Smith  (Agent)



Hi Alex,

It is fantastic! Wow what a huge difference this will make for us ...
Thank you so much. I wish you much success with your business. You are so talented.

Count on us when you need a referral...we are happy to give one.

Take care

Nicole  (Agent)



Thanks for your work Alex. My client was very impressed by your work. The house sold at much more than asking.
I had many people comment on the video and a lot of people came because of it.

Thanks again
Best of Luck!

Carrie A. Maxwell  (Agent)



Dear Alex,

Thank you so much for your work on this project.

You did a fantastic job!!!

Best Regards,

Asta Gifford  (Agent)



Hi Alex,

Yhank you very much for your email. I would like to personally thank you for an outstanding job
you have done for my listing. Definately your video tour played a very significant role in helping
o sell the property. I will fedinately use your service in the future when I list properties which will qualify for video tour service.

Thank you,

Jerzy Nowak  (Agent)



I'm impressed by your production. Would you email me standard cost per production and cost to put on MLS per listing.

Thank You

Michelle Lam   (Agent)



God your good!!! Thanks so much Alex. I'll be in touch.

Michelle  (Agent)



Hi Alex,

The video looks amazing!!! It totally welcomes a viewer through the house.

Thanks so much for sending the link.

I'll aslo send it to my cliemts to suggest their RE agents to call you and have it run with the listing.

Giselle Martin  (Utopia Home)



Hello Alex; I turned on my volume for the first time (I worship silence) and loved the jazzy soundtrack
(my dad was a jazz musician)! The house looks fabulous and I loved the surrounding area shots.

Thanks you,

Sincerely Kerry  (Agent)



The Video Tour looks AMAZING!! Thank you so much!

Thanks again fr a terrific job!

Gail Yee  (Agent)



Excellent job Alex! Thank you so much - John is very impressed!

Debbie Banks  (Agent)



Thanks Alex - you are the best!

Kathy Judson  (Sales Manager)



You need to hear this! The house (65 Bellefair) sure helps anything we try to do to market it,
but your tour has turned into the perfect vehicle for showing it off ...
especially since there are no public open houses. The VideoTour itself is getting great feedback --
it's unusual to get specific comments about such things. The homeowner is of course thrilled.
And, again rare, we're getting a lot of superalitives from agents.

So, again, my "fatherly" advice: you may want to shift your price point sooner rather than later.

Lee & Gord Martin  (Agents)



Dear Alex,

Once again job extremely well done!!! Please go ahead and produce both videos and make
2 extra copies for me (one of each) so I can show clients that even a little listing can look fabulous!

Tina Smith  (Agent)



Thanks Alex, u d' man!!

Blair Armstrong  (Agent)



I am the owner of 104 Elmhurst Ave. MLS listing C652001, and your video of our home is amazing.
Can we purchase the vdieo from you on DVD?

Daniela & Marcello Nalli  (Home Owners)



Wow !!!

This is amazing !!!!

Ken Kyriacou, C.A.  (Home Owner)



I just viewed a couple of your listings (French Quarter, 90 Sumach, etc)
and I have to tell you I'm impressed with what I saw. Very nice work - Congrats!

Larry P.  (Agent)



My clients just raved about your expertise. They are thrilled at how their home looks on the video.

P. Shea  (Agent)



Hi Alex

You did a great job of teh video tour - thanks for that! I will certainly use and recommend
your services again. You turnaround time is excellent and your professionalism speaks for itself.
Thanks again and have a great w/end.

Tricia  (Agent)



Just saw it...WOW..you are a master, it is OUTSTANDING.
Thanks you so much

Janice  (Agent)



Hi Alex,

It is fantastic! Wow waht a huge difference this will make for us...
Thank you so much. I wish you much success with your business. You are so talented.

Nicole & Allen Abbott  (Home Owners)



Good morning Alex;

I sent out an email to many folks last night and you were on he distribution list so I presume you got it.

My purpose here is to thank you specifically for introducing me to such a wonderful idea
and for your fabulous work on my behalf. I appreciate your wiork and expertise.

Thnaks a bunch!

Gordon  (Agent)



We saw the tour of 5 Avion and we are impressed. Please let us know about prices, lead time, etc.

All the best,

Tony & Jennifer Hill  (Agents)



Mr. Alex Morias

Thank you it was a very good tour. the tour was very detailed.



Larry To  (Broker)



Hi Alex,

I received the DVD for my video listing tour last week. I really want to thank you for sending it out.
Haven't sold the house yet, but I will definately be using your service in the future.
I just checked out your VirtualAgent feature. Looks good!!

Thanks Again,

Talk to you soon,

Janis  (Agent)



Hey Alex,

I just thought I would send you a quick note to thank you on the great job!
The property that you filmed for me sold only a few days after the video listing was done.
I am sure that is what helped it sell. Both myself and my clients were very impressed
with the amazing quality your video listing was. It impressed them when they saw you
arrive with both video and still photo cameras.
I am looking forward to many more video listings for my future clients.

Talk to you soon,

Stuart Sinclair  (Agent)



Hi Alex

My husband and I want to congratulate you on doing a wonderful virtual tour of our house
at 59 Citation Drive. Many thanks for showing it off so well and giving a warm introduction
to the property, both indoors and outdoors. It will be a great selling tool I am sure,
and when the house is sold, a nice memento for us and our family.

My son in New York just opened our listing and saw your virtual tour. He really loved it and called it amazing! 

Best Regards,


Yolande B.  (Agent)




My sellers loved the virtual tour.
They said the house showed so well that they were staying put (just kidding).
Ken liked it so much that he asked me for a copy.
So my order now id for 3 DVD's.
Thanks again for a very professional job and I look forward to woring with you again soon.


Walter Mudyk  (Agent)



This is sooo amazing. As you know, my clients loved it. I have told a builder friend
of mine about your services and I have suggested you do a video for his reno's
featuring before and after shots. He would later give this to his client as a gift.

Thanks again.

Cathy  (Agent)



Hi Alex,

My clients on 7 Faraday were very impressed with your work. Well done as usual!!!

Patricia  (Agent)



Great service. Thank you.

The Rileys  (Agents)



Great job Alex! Appreciate it. Best of all, seler is happy and you made quite an
impression with your professionalism. Yep, please go ahead with the DVD.
You will be highly recommended to my peers.

Lorraine  (Agent)



Hi Alex; I just wanted to say you did an incredible job on the video tour of my condo!! Excellent work!

Thanks for your efforts, much appreciated!

Mike @ 1010  (Condo Owner)



Hi there,

I just saw a video that you recently did on a home at Sulkara Court for Jack Ridout.
I am in the real estate industry and I would like more information about the cost to produce these videos.
I was quite impressed.

Thank you for your time.

June Norton  (Agent)



Hi Alex ...

Fantastic Job ... it looks amazing.

Jack Ridout  (Agent)





Great job (again)! Our clients responded with an email whose subject line read:
"Wow!!! Just wonderful! First Class! Congrats!".
I wasn't sure how well it would work on a smaller home, but that queston is now answered.
I'm  also impressed with how well and independently you picked up
the appropriate text from the listing/feature sheet.

Lee & Gord Martin  (Agents)



Hello Alex,

We just noticed one of your video tours on a listing on TREB, we quite liked the concept.
We have been using virtual tours on all our listings since 1999, so quite welcome the evolution.

Grahame & Sylvia  (Agents)




Thank you for a phenomenal video.

Sarah  (Agent)



Hello Alex, nice meeting you. Nice job!
Looking forward to do more business with you.

Chris Lepsa  (Agent)



Great job Alex!!

We'll see you soon to do 45 Suncrest.
I'm sure your business will be very successful.

Tom and Lauren  (Builders)



Hello Alex,

Once again, thank you for your quality work, 14 Manorhampton sold for $30,000 over asking!

Leon Schaumer  (Agent)




Thanks so much for all you've done in such a short time.
It looks great and hopefully the house will sell quickly.
Thank also for being so considerate of my elderly clients.
You will definitely get more of my business and are you interetsed in giving
a presentation to our office (we have some very high producing agents in the office).
Let me know and if you are interetsed I would be happy to arrange it for you.

Carolyn  (Agent)



Excellent work as always! Thanks for your prompt service.

Ray P.  (Agent)


Thanks a ton Alex.
Looks great as always!

Michelle  (Agent)


Hello Alex,

Once again you did not disappoint, great job on Virtual tour,
2083 Lake Shore looks absolutely fantastic, Thank you.

Leon Schaumer  (Agent)



Hi Alex

Just wanted to tell you about the raves I am getting re your virtual tour.
Never heard such positive response before.

J. Fox  (Agent)